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A Whole Lot of Running

Keep Calm I'm The Doctor

21 December 1988
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I am Tiana Stirewalt a 24 year old who hails from Virginia and lives in Oklahoma. My hobbies include drawing, video games, anime, bishoujo/hentai games, taking walks, listening to music, movies, history, science, and anything random in between.

I am looking into one day becoming a Criminal Psychologist or a Forensic Detective of sorts. Aside from these strange hobbies and aspirations I have learned/am learning German and Austrian-German. My next language to tackle will be Norwegian followed by Turkish or Greek probably..

What means Most
I am forever in love with the pursuit of knowledge in all realms of thought. But you will notice nothing truly brings me more joy than Mythology, and especially that which is Norse Mythology. I have many books on the subject and one of my favorites to read on is Loki. For personal reasons among others he will always be probably my most favorite of all time.



Ivan Braginsky - Russia Pictures, Images and Photos

Heh truth!

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